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Made with true love

it all started with a cup of coffee

I started Mookie just after my second boy was born. I used to spend a great deal of time making my house pretty, but after kids, things changed a bit. My living room – once a space that was beautiful and carefully curated – became over powered by an invasion of colourful toys. Then I had a thought: If baby decor could be so pretty that it blends in with my decor, then I wouldn’t always feel the need to rush and scramble to pack up all the toys when guests come over. I was searching for stylish baby decor and toys and struggled to find any I adored. So I found a few ideas on pinterest and started making my own version as toys and accessories for my boys. While having coffee with friends one day, their enthusiasm over my creations helped me realise that there is a market for more creative- yet-affordable baby accessories and toys.

designed with my Kids in mind

I am a mom of two boys and as the only female in the house, I felt that I needed to purposely bring some style and beauty into our home ;) That’s why the products that I create are things that I used myself or found very useful for my kids in the different stages of their development.

It certainly has my stamp of approval!